The entrepreneur tells: Maurizio Del Vecchia - Del Vecchia Group




There is all the pride of an artisan and entrepreneurial success story in our recent interview with Maurizio Del Vecchia, owner of Del Vecchia Group. A good chat from which emerged the values, ideas and present and future vision of a company that represents a now global benchmark for the production and sale of industrial and domestic sewing machines.


The core business of Del Vecchia products is historically concentrated in the leather goods sector: "We have been on the market since 1946," Maurizio Del Vecchia tells us, "our history is inextricably linked to the Florentine territory where we were born. Since 1995 our headquarters have been in Lastra a Signa, adjacent to the world leather goods manufacturing hub of Scandicci." The link with the past of this industrial reality is made explicit in the heritage of know-how that is handed down and consolidated to be passed on to the new generations of Del Vecchia's specialized technicians. "For us, it is basic to constantly update our skills in order to be able to train employees capable of satisfying an important clientele," the owner says again. "Industry 4.0 and the digitization of machinery and their processes wait for no one. Stopping is not allowed." So, Del Vecchia Group has its roots in the past but is a company in step with the times: "Next May 4, we will inaugurate a new complex next to DVG's historical headquarters," Maurizio Del Vecchia reveals, "an area of 2,000 square meters that will further expand our services. In fact, we are talking about a complex intended for an in-house warehouse, a workshop for product construction and customization, and, last but not least, an in-house training school for future sewing machine technicians. "For us this is an epochal leap in quality, in line with the progress of recent years," Del Vecchia concludes.


The second Florentine edition of "Synergy for Leathergoods," the long-awaited technical meeting on the leathergoods of the future, will also take place inside DVG's headquarters on the occasion of the inauguration.

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