Moro Minuterie, a leading manufacturer of footwear and leather goods accessories




We took stock of this start of the year with Silvia Moro of Moro Minuterie, a Padua-based company that is a leading manufacturer and marketer of metal accessories for footwear and leather goods.


What are your expectations for 2023?


Building on our 50-year tradition and know-how, what we are focusing on now is to work more and more on the synergistic relationship with our suppliers, subcontractors and employees that we have carefully selected for their specific strengths and proximity to our headquarters. Suppliers and workers form the basis of our production in order to offer our usual professionalism and on-time delivery. We certainly focus on the quality of the product we offer, but also on the quality of service and technological innovation. The challenges, which have tested our resilience in recent years, have only fortified and consolidated our goals of growth and positioning in the footwear and leather goods accessories market.


How important is the issue of sustainability to you?


Sustainability is part of our corporate DNA. All our items are traceable from the beginning to the end of the supply chain, which allows us to certify the product to the end customer. The investment and implementation of our new ERP allows precisely to trace the entire path of the manufactured small parts. We also give special attention of energy sustainability and with this in mind we have recently installed a photovoltaic system that, for most of the year, is sufficient to power our energy needs. We also completely recycle all the waste from our processing and then reuse it in production.

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