Orice increasingly "green"





Leather & Luxury had a chance to take stock of the company with Paolo Danesi of Orice Srl, a company founded in 1980 that specializes in the production of vegetable-tanned cow hides for the footwear and leather goods industry.



What prompted the company to get involved in vegetable tanning when it was founded? Did you sense that there was a demand from customers that was not being met by traditional tanneries?


As history tells us, vegetable tanning was already being performed in Ponte a Egola in the early 1900s. Tanning leather with products of animal and/or vegetable origin from the waste of other industries in order to obtain a unique, recognizable and substantially different product from the classic leathers with metal-based tans has always been part of the culture of our small community. Tannery Orice simply continued in the tradition of vegetable tanning in the belief that this would become of fundamental importance in the decades to come, capturing a perfect meeting point between contemporary taste and ancient craftsmanship.



What in general is your company philosophy regarding sustainability? I intuit that it is the foundational basis of your operations....

Always attentive to the issue of sustainability, we try to improve more and more the chemical parameters related to our leathers - all REACH-compliant - without altering their intrinsic characteristics of appearance, softness and roundness. We are proud to be LWG - Silver rated certified and to be part of the "Genuine Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium."


And what are the new proposals summer 2024?


At Lineapelle we are presenting leathers that, in addition to being vegetable tanned, have as their main feature that the components of synthetic origin used in them both barrel and finishing are not derived from petroleum. In addition to our classic items, for the coming season we will also offer cowhides with floral-type patterns, also both leathers with a micro-flower pattern for elegant leather goods and hand-stained micro prints and soft hand-washed leathers for sporty leather goods.

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