Leather&Luxury interviews Italiana Accessori




At the last Fashion Week we witnessed the triumph of crystal as an aesthetic element in outfits and accessories. We talked about it with Rudi Migliorini, owner, and Elisa Taddei, fashion designer, of the company Italiana Accessori, a leader in decorative work for big fashion brands.

What prompted you to focus on thermoadhesive decoration of rhinestones, stones and minutiae? The demands of the clients or the big brands you work with?


Rudi Migliorini: "Initially, we intercepted that fashion trends were amplifying with regard to rhinestones and crystals thus orienting our workings in that direction, at the same time the ever-increasing demands of customers with respect to thermoadhesive applications had their due. We are known for always coming up with new, creative, trendy ideas. This is why we decided to allocate a large area of our workshop to special machinery that allows us to experiment, recently investing in large presses that help us to work on whole pieces and in progression or to customize clothes with large lengths."

Elisa Taddei: "As a freelance designer, I am also able to pick up on customer requests by experiencing firsthand meetings with brand designers. After the pandemic, the brands are trying to conceive a general re-branding, which goes from the study of a more impactful and modern logo to the re-evaluation of decorations as a style imprint. Among those most in demand are precisely thermoadhesive decorations, applied with heat from presses on uppers of shoes, bags, and clothing."


What do you think is your strength as a company?


Rudi Migliorini: "Definitely the fact that all our processes are made in-house and boast a very high level right from the stages of design development, creation and assembly of rhinestones or studs, to the realization of our processes, quality control and their delivery. Our approach is in synergy with the needs of the client and has evolved hand in hand with new market trends, which have always been geared toward anticipating fashion collections.
Combining craft and cutting-edge style, we offer clients much more than just fashion items, but hours and hours of experiments, failures, trials and, finally, excellent results. Ours is the product of craftsmanship, the result of passion expressed with hands, head and heart. I would like for the future that collaborations between companies in our sector be encouraged in order to inspire each other by bringing each one's experience and specificity: putting us together can create even more innovation and beauty."


Elisa Taddei: "For me, the strength of Italiana Accessori is the creation of a truly unique product, since our patterns are always customized: taking, for example, a trend shared by the entire fashion system, that of animalier, we have unleashed our imagination in inventing and translating classics such as liveries or spotted patterns. Or, in the case of a popular thermoadhesive processing such as the all over logo, this allowed us to reproduce, with our own interpretation, the textures of classic fabrics such as houndstooth or tartan. By working graphically on the designs and colors, we are able to give the customer even more than they require and propose novel aesthetic solutions."



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