Tradition and innovation by Osci Pellami




Leather & Luxury had the opportunity to explore the very topical issue of certifications with Giuseppe, Raffaele and Michele Osci of the tannery of the same name.



What prompted you to embark on the path of certifications ? The demands of the clients or brands you work with? Or the general sustainability philosophy of your company?

"Our certification path with ICEC comes from an act of duty to the planet and to our customers. Voluntary certifications are elements that, in our opinion, can only go to reinforce our reputation and consistency in front of our clients. Our desire to continually improve the standard of quality, as well as the experience gained in ninety years of business, have led us to obtain various certifications in the areas of quality control, safety and origin of products. Certifications represent a kind of product "identity card" and are a guarantee of clear and transparent information, which is essential in communication with customers."



Specifically, what certifications have you obtained ?

"Recently, following in-depth audits with ICEC, we have achieved ISO 45001 ("Occupational Health and Safety Management System"), UNI EN ISO 14001 ("Environmental Management System") and above all ICEC TS PC412 for "Traceability of raw materials upstream of the tannery" obtained with the highest score. We are particularly proud of the latter as it maps the traceability of hides and skins upstream of the tannery and includes traceability audits of the production/storage stages. This ICEC certificate, using the most advanced traceability tools available, ensures supply chain transparency (starting with the farms from which the hides and skins are sourced) and production that is respectful for requirements related to deforestation and conversion of natural habitats. In our opinion, this certification represents a legitimizing tool for the entire tanning sector, both in terms of marketing and competitiveness, but also a concrete stimulus towards circular economy and sustainability. Our corporate philosophy aims to combine market and business demands with attention to the environment and to the people (employees, operators, suppliers, customers) who come into contact with our work: hence our focus on making a high-quality, reliable and planet-friendly product.


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