Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: From coffee waste to paper: the journey of Kofi Paper

New appointment with the Leather&Luxury column, a journey in search of innovative materials, techniques and processes, undertaken with the designer Bettina Grampa.

Making paper and packaging from coffee husks: an idea that already has a name. It's called Kofi Paper and was born from the mind of Dihue Miguens as part of the Remix El Barrio pilot project of the Fab Lab in Barcelona. A path that has involved various designers in the creation of biomaterials from organic waste, to promote the culture of circular and sustainable production.



Miguens focused on the coffee skin, a residue of the roasting of the bean, developing a technique to make sheets of paper from this material. The second part of the creative path involved using digital production processes to create design objects. Using a laser cutter, a limited series of posters was created, and packaging was developed for a cup made by Nomad Coffee, the company from which the waste used in the production of paper comes.



This closes the cycle of the circular economy: from organic waste to raw material with added value for the same industry that produces it, in the form of a sustainable material that elevates waste to design.

Kofi Paper is currently part of the Remix EcoDesign Collective, Food Waste Biomaterial Makers, which has received the STARTS European Award for Collaborative Innovation and has exhibited at European art and design festivals such as Ars Electronica (Austria), BOZAR (Brussels), and DHUB (Barcelona)."

Photo Credits: Dihue Miguens | @dihuemiguens  

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