The warmth of silk


A new frontier in conscious fashion and sportswear that transforms leftover silk fabrics into a high-performance insulation material. Let's find out with Bettina Grampa, in the Chi Ri-Cerca Trova column. It is called Nouvelle, the innovation thanks to which the company Imbotex Srl was included in the top ten of the Fibre & Insulation section by the ISPO 2022 jury (which presents the most important awards for products dedicated to the mountains every year).

Imbotex, which was founded in 1955 and has become a leading manufacturer of natural, technological and recycled textile padding in recent years, is no stranger to innovation; in 2019 it founded IMBOTEX LAB, creating a new division that works on the principle of Circular Economy.

Imbotex's mission now is to offer responsible upholstery, encouraging reduced consumption of resources such as virgin raw materials, water, and energy. Imbotex supports the importance of "recycling" for the growth of a new model of sustainable production and consumption

Now there is Nouvelle, born from an upcycling process that starts with the "collection" of leftover silk scraps, which are then processed and bleached using Gots (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified substances. The result is a clothing padding composed of 60 percent silk and 40 percent PLA. 


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