There is a renewed appointment to learn about Legor Group's "Magic 5", the five metals that are the spokespersons for an ethical choice, adhering to the production needs of the circular economy and the most relevant demands of the consumers of the future. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium used by Legor to make alloys, powders, and galvanic solutions come from 100 percent recycled sources and placed within the chain of custody.

Today's protagonist is silver, and in particular we are talking about Argentium Silver, a high-performance grain alloy of which Legor Group is the exclusive worldwide producer thanks to its recent partnership with Argentium International. 

The understanding between the two groups has resulted in the optimization and refinement of Argentium 960 and 940 alloys. The improvements relate to grain microstructure that have given even better oxidation resistance, hardness and durability characteristics. The new ARGENTIUM EXCEL™ are available for both investment casting and machining, meeting all production requirements. Legor Group's "Silver Premium Line" now offers a full range of silver products to support the needs of every designer, consumer and manufacturer. 

As of 2017, Legor Group's other signature "silver" face is SILNOVA®, a silver alloy that is highly resistant to oxidation and comparable in characteristics to a 9kt white gold alloy.  SILNOVA® possesses unique characteristics starting with its color, a bright white that stands out clearly from silver on the market. In addition, the presence of a noble element such as palladium makes it more valuable due to its bleaching and hypoallergenic power. Also notable are its versatility thanks to the hardness obtained through a heat-curing treatment and its naturalness through which objects made with SILNOVA® do not require galvanic coatings such as, for example, rhodium plating. A feature that also makes it more sustainable due to its lower environmental impact, as well as being made from 100% recycled precious material, the true superpower of the Magic 5 !


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