Metal accessories for fashion, a compartment that makes a difference



The fashion supply chain, which in Tuscany employs more than a third of all manufacturing workers, is a multifaceted microcosm in which historical companies, technologically advanced enterprises, and hyper-specialized realities coexist: all pieces that go to make up the picture of the highly sought-after made-in-Italy manufacturing. An example of this is the production of fashion metal accessories, a sector that is essential to the quality of the final product. Buckles, zippers, chains, and small parts that go to complement workmanship of excellence, becoming an integral part of it and, for this reason, characterized by the same quality features.


In the Florentine plain alone, there are more than 200 industrial companies, to which are added the many artisan realities, that deal with this type of workmanship for a total of about 8000 metalworkers who make metal components for the big names in fashion. A tradition "daughter" production processes of the silversmithing and goldsmithing sector, which has its beating heart in the Arezzo area. The industrial processes between the two sectors are similar: production of the blank with CNC machinery, vibrating, electroplating, painting, enameling, and cleaning.


But the supply chain also includes companies that operate to serve the industry. An example of this is Croa of Arezzo: founded in 1989 as a manufacturer of machinery for the Arezzo goldsmith sector, flanking its production with the service and sale of new, used and reconditioned machinery, over time it has expanded its range of action, embracing the fashion accessory sector as well, for everything related to the finishing and vibrofinishing sector. "We are based in Arezzo," explains Carlo Carboni, Croa's sales manager, "but we are structured to also make deliveries to customers in the fashion industry, which are mostly in the province of Florence, where the vast majority of companies in the sector are based.






In addition to delivery of products and materials, Croa offers service and repairs both on-site and at its own facility. On the marketing front, it has machines ready for sale, including used and remanufactured ones. Today, the company is highly competitive in the sourcing of finishing products. In fact, polishing products, pastes, powders, porcelain as well as vibratory finishing and drying machines are stocked and on ready delivery in its plant.

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