Tajima PAX, the all-in-one that changed everything




A machine capable of merging the answer to multiple needs into a single object. Tajima PAX was born from the deep synergy between Japanese manufacturer Tajima and Italian company Studio Auriga, which is Tajima's exclusive national distributor but also a partner on research and development. And just PAX, an all-in-one machine capable of performing drilling, stitching and embroidery operations even on thick materials, was born thanks to the close collaboration between Studio Auriga and Tajima.


The presentation of PAX dates back to 2016, but its conception is due to an intuition of Studio Auriga, which, thanks to its deep experience in industrial embroidery in the fashion, footwear, accessories, promotional, automotive and interior sectors, grasps precisely in the interior and automotive market a new need: to have a technologically advanced machine capable of flanking an embroidery head with a special head for punching leather and leather-like materials.


It took two years of prototyping and experimentation between Italy and Japan before PAX could be brought to market, but since then the machine has been a rapid success throughout Europe, an area for which Studio Auriga is the exclusive distributor. Subsequent upgrades have since improved its drilling capability to the point of being able to create holes with different shapes and diameters. In recent versions, the operator's use of the machine has also been simplified.


Today, it is an innovative all-in-one multifunction machine capable of drilling, stitching, and embroidery operations on leather, synthetics, and upholstery, and has opened up new scenarios in the field of processing and decoration. Tajima PAX can in fact work with two heads, synchronized thanks to sophisticated software: a punching machine that cuts and punches any type of material and a sturdy embroidery head. Together, they enable various machining operations on the same system.


In addition, the possibility of using up to nine different colors and types of yarn, including thick ones, and up to nine punches for punching in different sizes and shapes, at the same time allows for truly striking graphic effects. Innovations that have extended its scope into various industries, such as fashion, leather goods and automotive. That of Tajima PAX in short is the story of a bestseller.

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