Innovative alloys and galvanic solutions for the fashion world

A real hotbed of patents in the field of precious metals science: Legor has 15 patents to its credit, including new alloys and galvanic solutions for the goldsmith sector and high fashion. Included in the ranking of the 100 excellent sustainable Italian companies, drawn up by Credit Suisse and Kon Group, Legor combines an ethical approach to its business. 

A journey that began in 2005 with an initial code of ethics and which today continues thanks to the exclusive use of green energy and 100% recycled precious metals. The latest recognition is the RJC CoC certification, which gives a guarantee on how precious metals are purchased and processed throughout the supply chain.

"Our R&D laboratory - says Federica Galdeman, Strategic Marketing at Legor - has found high-performance, safe and eco-sustainable alternatives to the classic precious alloys, whose price has increased a lot in recent years, generating savings for customers".

This is the case of PLATCORE, an alloy 65% ruthenium and 35% platinum, which is proposed as an alternative to palladium and which allows to obtain bright and shiny deposits. Thanks to its chemical-physical characteristics, it protects fashion accessories from oxidative and tarnishing phenomena.

PTLUX was born instead as an alternative to the rhodium process, a new galvanic process that allows the electrodeposition of platinum alloyed with ruthenium and that, with the same chemical-physical characteristics, allows to obtain a precious finish whiter than pure platinum, very similar to that of rhodium.

Among the leading products also SILNOVA, a 925 silver alloy ready to use, comparable to 9 kt white gold, which does not require galvanic treatment. With its unique, bright white color, Silnova is more resistant to oxidation than standard sterling silver.

Finally, following the partnership with Argentium International, Legor Group is the exclusive worldwide producer of Argentium Silver, a silver alloy with high perfomance of oxidation resistance, hardness and durability, thanks to the highly improved grain microstructure. 

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