CDC Luxury Chains and the packaging factor for eco-sustainability

Reuse, recycling, circular economy, sustainability of processes and materials: these are all topics on the agenda of the fashion world, more and more sensitized to environmental issues. In this regard, CDC Luxury Chains, has undertaken for some time, a virtuous path to make its business more sustainable and green-oriented.

The last step in chronological order concerns the packaging of its products: "The issue of packaging seems marginal in relation to the environment - says Chiara Pezzatini, co-owner of CDC - but in reality it is very important. Therefore, from this point of view, we are totally changing our philosophy and habits". 

CDC has begun investing in 100% recyclable packaging: bubble wrap-free paper bags, polystyrene made from corn, totally paper-based scotch, all of which contribute to the cause of more environmentally sustainable production. "To further decrease the use of plastic in the company," Chiara Pezzatini further explains, "we have replaced water bottles with personalized aluminum flasks available to staff and customers.