When Corporate Sustainability is an Added Value: the Limonta Case

Limonta, with nearly 130 years of history, is a company that specializes in the integration of chemistry and textiles, with expertise in fashion, furniture, home textiles, wallpaper, automotive and sports.

For Limonta, sustainability is encapsulated around a way of being called Be Limonta "Committed to the Earth": a commitment to environmental, social and economic issues, begun in the 1990s, that focuses on improving process performance and researching products with low environmental impact.

The first Sustainability Report 2020 is tangible proof of this:

  • 1.16 million tons of CO2 avoided on average per year thanks to the production of clean energy from the company's photovoltaic panels;
  • 5,023 Mwh of self-produced energy from the trigeneration plant in 2020 alone;

  • 176% increase in fabrics produced with recycled material;
  • 60% of waste sent for recovery;
  • 100% of solvent recovered thanks to the closed-cycle distillation plant.

The company also presented the new "be Limonta" and "CLIMA" fabrics at Lineapelle September.

Animal-free, designed and made in Italy, CLIMA products, coated and coagulated materials, are designed on recycled and bio-sourced bases, including GRS-certified recycled polyester/cotton fabrics and other non-fossil fibers, made with innovative technologies with reduced environmental impact.

Upcoming projects include the formation of BioFabbrica LLC, the joint venture created with Modern Meadow, a leading American biotechnology company, a project that aims to achieve ever greater product sustainability while ensuring high performance.

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