Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: Cyclica

Cyclica's production chain originates from European farms and goes through a fully traceable processing route that minimizes environmental impact finally closing the loop with a finished product that is 98 percent biodegradable in 3 months with LWG Made in Italy certification. 

Let's find out together with Bettina Grampa, in the Chi ri-cerca Trova column.


Oleum® is the brand that identifies the line of biodegradable leathers produced by Cyclica.

Oleum® hides, which are sourced exclusively from European farms, use the process that reuses AVO water to tan the hides.

AVO is the washing water resulting from oil production and considered among the most polluting in the agri-food chain (about 5 million tons must be disposed of each year).



This type of processing guarantees the same performance as traditional tanning; the consumer, compared to traditional processing, will not be in contact with chromium, heavy metals and aldehydes.

Salt, which we know is a highly polluting component, is also not used in the first stage of leather preservation.

The life cycle ends with the transformation into organic fertilizer for nature (Cyclica).

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