Here are the five finalists of Think Bag !

This is it, the second edition of Think Bag is approaching the decisive moment with the choice of the winning project. Conceived by Leather&Luxury and Loipell with the participation of Polimoda students, it will see its final step on June 23rd, when a jury of industry experts will have to evaluate the four finalist projects and then decide the winner. 


Let's briefly get to know the five bags that made it to the end after a journey of no less than four months, a time when there was a chance for the students to learn, get to know and delve into what this world is all about.


We begin with VERSA bag by Anastasia Peredriy, a bag that already has its main characteristic in its name: versatility. Elegant, yet casual, comfortable enough for everyday use. It is made of nappa leather in two different colors: black with an electric blue interior and brown with a yellow interior. Versa bag is aesthetically characterized by a diamond-based pattern that recurs throughout the bag body. We then proceed to another finalist project, Carry Bag by Ritika Suhas Sanpaal: a seamless bag, where the bag body thus consists of a single piece of leather. A small clutch with a removable shoulder strap with sober and simple lines, a versatile object, adaptable to various occasions. The designer offers it in three color variants, black, blue and mustard. Inside it has a suede suede lining respectively green, fuchsia and cobalt. Carry Bag comes with packaging inspired by food takeout boxes, a special feature that makes it unique and innovative. 

Ciler Sevingen's minimalism with the project Flow, on the other hand, proposes a nappa leather pouch bag with handle where ruthenium metal accessories finish a geometric and unadorned style. A simple yet futuristic elegance that makes Ciler Sevingen a bag suitable for different occasions. Last but not least finalist is Persona the design by Gaeul Lee. A bag that wants to draw the attention of today's woman, a dynamic woman, busy on a daily basis in various fronts: in work, in daily life, in social occasions, who therefore needs a comfortable and capacious accessory, but at the same time elegant. Persona is a classic tote bag that has all these characteristics in it; it comes in a denim-colored nappa leather with a caramel-colored interior and features details such as the mignons and asymmetrical stitching of the bag body.

Last but not least is Heart Bag by Yinfan Zhou. This bag with a squarer construction is reminiscent of the East, tree branches and cherry blossoms. In two versions, pink and light blue, Heart Bag has embroidery that seems to escape from the inside of the bag to run around it all the way to the shoulder strap.


Five heterogeneous designs, each with its own chances of winning. 


Who will be the chosen one? 

On June 17th it will be possible to vote online for the favorite bag while on June 23rd the voting will be in presence in the beautiful setting of Polimoda in Florence.



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