Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: an open window on innovation

Opening a window on the future of fashion. This is the objective of the Chi Ri-Cerca Trova (Who Re-Searches) column, a space created within Leather&Luxury to provide an overview of what's new on the horizon in the fashion industry.

A voyage of discovery undertaken together with Bettina Grampa who, on the strength of her work experience as a stylist in charge of a collection, alongside the big names in Italian and international fashion, has launched a research project into the most avant-garde companies and projects in the fashion sector.

Following, as always, the red thread of excellence, each company that we will present in this new section will be profoundly innovative: in materials, in processing, in machinery, in the search for sustainability, in production techniques.

Our aim is to provide quality information, keeping our readers up to date not only on trends and current events in the sector but also on the innovations that are making their way and could characterize or even change the fashion world of tomorrow.

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