Sustainability under the tree with +THREE°° bags

A gift of value, solidarity, with the complicity of style and functionality, in the name of eco-friendly ethics for the upcoming holidays: these are the bags +Three°°°°, with careful and sophisticated design, identity of a brand that has in its DNA, sustainability and respect for the planet.

Three capsule collections born from the reuse, recycling and use of natural materials and low environmental impact, craftsmanship, 100% Made in Italy, to rationalize the entire production process, ensuring transparency, from production to packaging, fully recyclable, spokesman for an ecological and sustainable style.

Native, the first iconic line +Three°°°, for lovers of casual and informal style: 4 deconstructed models built with raw cut, two Tote Bag in large and small version, a Mini Bag and a sporty Backpack. All made of Treetap, a material derived from natural rubber extracted from the indigenous community of the Amazon, the Serengueros.

Next is Wave, the total black proposal: from the backpack to the travel bag, from the hobo to the crossbody and the shopper, with biogreen eco leather finishing, 70% recycled cotton lining and recycled polyester zipper. This line is made from SEAQUAL® YARN, obtained from plastic from the world's oceans and seas.

More streetstyle and casualwear MimEthics, the capsule collection of 10 models that has its heart in a creative upcycling, born from the recycling of cotton from Dutch military shirts, 70% recycled cotton linings, in a camouflage color palette that becomes the image of a luxury ready to wear.

All +Three°°° collections are available on the e-commerce and in the Coin Excelsior Department stores in Milan Citylife and Rome, via Cola di Rienzo.

A host of gift ideas to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer, for a sustainable and ethically responsible purchase, who does not give up on style, for an increasingly green Christmas.


A report by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) outlines a scenario in which by 2050 global warming will exceed three degrees Celsius, triggering irreversible changes in the global ecosystem: a change of course is needed to reduce consumption and emissions so that the increase in average temperatures does not reach the expected levels. This is where +Three°°° comes from: handcrafted garments designed to last over time and reduce environmental impact that are a manifesto of ethical, environmental and social sustainability. Our value chain is socially responsible and designed in full respect for the environment, strictly controlled to ensure transparency and progressive reduction of CO2 at every level The materials of our bags meet the criteria of circularity: strictly of natural or vegetable origin, obtained from recycled plastics or obtained from discarded clothing. Our manufacturing, strictly Made in Italy and limited edition, embraces ethical work thanks to the collaboration with EFI - Ethical Fashion Initiative, the UN ethical fashion program that supports disadvantaged communities.



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