Gidue Pellami S.r.l

Third party leather finishing

The success story of a modern Odyssey

Gidue Pellami was founded in 1987 thanks to the initiative of Giacomino Agosti who has given continuity to the family’s expertise in the field of leather finishing, enhancing it with research and innovation. In 2006, the company expan- ded both its structure, with the transfer to a 2500 m2 headquarters, and its pro- cessing systems, passing from Bycast leather to the creation of finished real leather articles on half-cowhides.

It is from the creative intuition and knowled- ge of Mr. Agosti that in 2008 the patent protected Odissea collection was born. Odissea combines the techniques of Bycast processing with the use of fini- shing machinery to give life to an inno- vative process that ennobles the lesser selection of grain leather while leaving its softness and naturalness unchanged.

Odissea: a symbolic name of the obsta- cle course undertaken by Mr. Agosti, in the shoes of a modern Ulysses who arri- ves victorious at his Ithaca, but with the desire not to stop launching into new challenges instead. Giacomino Agosti is in fact already patenting two new pro- duction processes that will lead to sub- stantial innovations in the market.

Gidue Pellami S.r.l

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