Leaf Foundation, certification for luxury accessories lands in European Parliament



The product certification for luxury accessories born in Tuscany has arrived in Brussels. Precisely in the days when the European Parliament is discussing the "Green Claims" directive, a delegation of the Leaf Foundation Board of Directors presented the ethical and environmental sustainability standard "Leaf Hardware" to a representation of MEPs. Born from the initiative of the Tuscan reality, engaged in promoting sustainability in the metal accessories sector for the luxury fashion supply chain, Leaf Hardware-the first experience of its kind in the world-is the result of two years of internal work based on monitoring European and Asian companies.

The presentation at the European Parliament was an opportunity to discuss the need for an ethical, sustainable and transparent approach in the luxury accessories supply chain as well. A need perceived as urgent by now by the brands themselves, which, thanks to clear, measurable and understandable standards such as Leaf Hardware, can certify their production sustainability without risking greenwashing phenomena that the European Union itself is actively engaged in countering, in order to protect consumers and what they buy.

"Businesses play a key role in the creation of a circular economy and a sustainable and equitable society," said Luca Cartocci, president of Leaf Foundation. "But while they increasingly feel the urgency to adopt ethical, responsible and sustainable actions and processing models, there is no denying that all of this comes at a not inconsiderable economic cost. This risks generating the opposite effect of the initial intent, turning into a disincentive. This is why Leaf's standard aims to make clear and measurable criteria available to luxury accessories companies as well."


Mimma Dardano, a member of Leaf's Board of Directors, also reiterated the importance of promoting sustainable actions in a work of transparency and fairness towards end consumers: "Even today, the fashion industry is responsible for about 8-10% of the pollution of the entire planet. Leaf Foundation wondered how it could really be a change-maker while also being able to count on an increasingly attentive consumer." Going forward, Leaf Foundation's goal is to change the paradigm of certifications, transforming them from best practices to measurement tools to enable companies to calculate their environmental impacts.

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