The production of Luxury? Smart and intuitive




The products developed and marketed by REMIRA solve different management criticalities starting from defining the cost of an item or prototype to controlling and monitoring production to quality control (of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products). Companies find themselves having to ensure increasingly high performance to meet the demands of a demanding market, without neglecting a delicate balance made up of resources, time, costs and consumption. And this is where REMIRA enters the field with solutions developed and designed for the industry: KMES and PPA (Assisted Production Planning). Software that enables the monitoring of work phases with their actual costs, production progress and its planning. All operations can be viewed directly on an electronic monitor that allows operators to view summary production data in real time and make necessary corrections in case of critical issues.


"Today, organizing work and production effectively in order to be responsive to changes is the winning key to continue to be competitive," explains Matteo Sgatti, Regional Sales Manager of REMIRA Italy . "The main difficulty our potential customers have is to have visibility of the activities to be carried out in the coming days/weeks so that they can organize work correctly. This allows them to understand immediately whether it is possible to anticipate new orders, to postpone them, or to include new customers in order to cover the production capacity through an objective assessment."


Assisted Production Planning together with KMES are the operational powerhouse of REMIRA software. In fact, PPAallows detailed and proactive control of production and, thanks to a wide range of smart plug-ins, it is possible to manage each stage of the production process in advance and create a forecast budget that is useful for achieving company goals.

KMES on the other hand allows you to monitor, the actual production times related to each work phase and each production department by managing any rework. The software produces a real-time report of each activity (in the day, week or month) that can be filtered by department and/or job order.


REMIRA is therefore the ideal partner to offer companies in the leather and footwear production chain also because, concludes Matteo Sgatti of REMIRA Italy: "What characterizes our suite of software products is definitely the ease and immediacy of use. In fact, the solution turns out to be extremely intuitive, allowing it to be used effectively right from the start."


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