Carm, the paper grinder born for leather




A universal product capable of meeting all the needs that can arise from the buffing process of leathers, whatever their condition, from very fine to very thick, from wet to dry. These are the characteristics that have made "Carm the buffing paper," quality buffing paper designed specifically for leather processing, the "product that was missing." The line is part of the Danese "universe" that has its core in Danese Srl, founded in 1992 in Arzignano (VI) and today a leading manufacturer of machines, components and accessories serving the tanning industry.


Believing in and investing in the "leather" sector, Danese has over the years completed the acquisition of companies such as "Calati" and created new brands such as "eZipCut" and "Carm" precisely, purchased last year. "The product is excellent in terms of value for money," explains Maurizio Danese, administrator of the Danese Group, "It is not the cheapest, but it guarantees better performance in terms of durability, which is why it is in high demand, in addition to the fact that, thanks to a well-stocked warehouse, we can guarantee delivery within 24 hours. At the moment, demand in the industry is contracting but Carm's sales are up 10-15 percent-this is the litmus test of the product's validity."


"Our competitors are bigger than us," he continues, "but what differentiates us is that we provide a specialized product for the tanning industry: this is a brand born for leather and focused on it. Carm paper is declined in three types: the LB or "Light Brown" or universal paper, made of aluminum oxide that, thanks to its very compact backing, also processes wet leathers, which previously required double-resin paper. Then there is FB or "Fire Brown" i.e., the double-resin paper for very wet environments or wet leathers, and finally AB, the paper laminated to cotton cloth, used for leather grain upgrading.

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