E-commerce works: leap in shipping packaging for Morresi



Boxes and packaging for online sales are increasingly in demand. Proving how e-commerce is an increasingly popular sales channel for consumers, at the expense of retail. Although the surge in pandemic online sales has given way to a gradual return to stores, it is indeed undeniable that Covid has marked a turning point in the shift from physical to digital purchasing. And the growing demand from companies for dedicated shipping solutions proves it.


Sketching a snapshot of the situation is Manuel Morresi, general manager of Morresi Box and Paper Mill, a leading company in the processing of cellulose derivatives to make packaging for industry and a national and international reference point for the footwear sector. The latest innovation introduced by the company is a box entirely dedicated to e-commerce, equipped with a double adhesive band to facilitate the return procedure.


"Many companies today are born without equipping themselves with sales outlets," Morresi explains, "which is why we are being asked more frequently for boxes intended primarily for e-commerce, which lately represent an increasingly significant slice of the market for us and on which we are specializing. This is a process that began with Covid and the consequent spurt in online sales, but which has been consolidated over the course of 2023."


Solutions are increasingly customized. "The choice is very wide," he continues, "ranging from simple American boxes to the most sophisticated solutions, and this is where we come in: each solution is designed according to the image the customer wants to give, but also to the expense they intend to incur. The idea of directly inserting the shoe in the shipping box is gaining ground, but choosing more refined solutions, thus combining savings and sustainability, another very important issue especially for brands."


This is also why the company has FSC and PEFC certifications (which guarantee proper forestry management and product traceability) and works mainly with 100 percent or partially recycled materials. "It is the market that asks for it, although we have been pursuing this approach for many years and try to share it with customers: if they ask us for a product made of non-recycled material, we look for a sustainable alternative wherever possible." Flexibility and sustainability, then, are the parameters that drive the packaging world today.

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