Mannucci packaging

Packaging for luxury products

According to nature

The famous Italian brands (Gucci, Fendi, Valentino…) have placed their trust in our creativity for years to accompany their products throughout the world. Products that are precious and absolutely unique.

The Italian packaging becomes like a second skin, that exalts and protects its precious content. Moreover, the raw material is born in nature, like a tree. Like a blossoming flower.

To accomplish this, Mannucci Packaging pays particular attention to the field of research and development.

Designers and design engineers in the relative specialized in-house departments study new materials and create production technologies capable of adapting to different Client needs.

This constant commitment has led to the creation of innovative products, such as water resistant cardboard. The elevated high quality standards requested are verified by the in-house analytic laboratory, which carries out an accurate control over the entire production chain: from the raw materials to the finished products, carrying out the necessary testing.

Mannucci Packaging has attained important certifications that allow it to comply with international regulations. Consequently, it has seen a rise in the levels of quality perception and its ability to respond to Client needs.

The Client Companies are the true excellences in the field of fashion and luxury, and are the best calling card for those who want to know this company close-up. Mannucci Packaging: creativity in a box, sustainability according to nature.

Mannucci packaging

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Mannucci packaging Mannucci packaging