Re Artù

Production of bags and belts for the luxury market

Handcrafting rooted in tradition, the vision of the future in the mind


The Re Artù leather goods company began as an artisan business in the suburb of Florence, still capable today to carry out many of those processes that have been lost over the years, without, however, overlooking current production needs.


«My father Luigi used to say that Re Artù is a small yet outstanding company - says the company’s owner, Francesca Cecchi - because with hands like ours, we can virtually produce any product: from hand-stitching and heat-ridging on cowhide, to belts, bags, and leather accessories commissioned by the famous brands we still work with. From product samples and/or modelling to actual production, we always remain true to our high-quality standards.


We always strive to create a product that is more than just a leather goods item. Our intent is to create an object that has a soul and accompanies the life of those who buy it. Recently - concludes Francesca - we have also fulfilled my father's dream of creating a “Re Artù'” line, which we hope will introduce our products to an even vaster audience».

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