Pasquale Della Pia

Managerial component of the fashion section of the industrial union of Naples and member of the general management of assocalzaturifici nazionale

Quality and internationalization: the key points of the leather goods district in Campania.

For 20 years, the leather goods sector in Campania has been the protagonist of a continuous evolution and currently presents itself as a district of excellence in the Luxury leather goods panorama.

What are its main characteristics?

Excellence has always been a strong point of the leather goods sector in Campania: the difference between 20 years ago and today is that the new entrepreneurial generation has greater communication skills related to this superb productive capacity.

The great manufacturing tradition and expertise combined with technological evolution have created a mix capable of attracting the most important Luxury brands to the Campania district. Improvements in transportation and connections will, in the future, further increase the attractiveness of our territory where 8,000-10,000 pairs of shoes are produced per day.

Pasquale Della Pia



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