A.M.L Materia Firenze

Know-how, tecnology and innovation for luxury accessories

A.M.L. Materia Firenze is a young and dynamic company that produces metal accessories for the leather goods, footwear, clothing and costume jewellery fashion sectors.

Founded by Mattia Chiarelli and Stefano Viviani, with more than 20 years’ experience in fashion, the company have continued to grow steadily and today produce more than 4 million pieces per year in the newest 1500 m2 factory in Firenze.

An increasingly competitive reality thanks to continuous investment in specialized personnel and technological innovation. The production is carried out in-house, with continuous and constant control of the entire process. T

he accessories are developed from the prototype and creation of samples; processing continues in the manufacturing departments, that combine high technology numerically controlled machining center with the expertise and dexterity of its workers for more “handcrafted” processes that are therefore more valuable.

Finally, the in-house quality control and packaging of the finished product guarantee clients a complete and accurate service. Materia Firenze is also developing new synergistic collaboration with companies dedicated to special application, such as it is Materia Firenze LAB: a company specialized in high-end galvanic coating and finishing.

Materia Firenze is committed to provide its clients with expertise, flexibility and intuition, offering tailor-made and highly customized solutions for any special request of luxury brands.

A.M.L Materia Firenze

Via delle Fonti, 8/E
Scandicci (FI)
Tel +39 055.7224524
Web www.materiafirenze.it


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