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Leather garment manufacturing

High fashion leather garment professionals 

Pellemoda, founded by Bruno morelli in Empoli  in 1979, specializes in the manufacturing of the  highest quality leather garments with a proactive,  enterprising and innovative approach and great  artisan professionalism. Today, Bruno’s children  Azzurra and Giampaolo Morelli run Pellemoda,  which has asserted itself globally, working for the  most prestigious international high fashion brands.  

One of the strengths of Pellemoda is its ability  to adapt to the creative demands of designers,  interpreting their idea and aesthetic vision,  translating it into actual products of impeccable  workmanship. A design project to find the identity  of the perfect garment, as imagined by the designer  who designed it. The company has more than 4,000  different garments in its archive.  

At Pellemoda, manual ability and artisan expertise  handed down from generation to generation  intertwines with technological innovation and the  desire to experiment with  innovative treatments  and processes on leather, to go beyond what is  already known. The company offers a complete  service: from research to product development,  from modelling to sewing, from finishing to quality  control, up to packaging and shipping worldwide.

We are always ready to say yes. Always a step  ahead of the others. This is the success secret of  Pellemoda.


Pellemoda srl

Via 1 maggio 12-14-16
Empoli (FI)
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