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Founded in 1952, the Oropress company has established itself in the Italian and international markets thanks to its wide range of solutions for the finishing of printed matter in various industrial sectors, including fashion, publishing, labels, packaging, automotive, cosmetics, and security. By investing in continuous research, the Oropress company provides its clients with transfer solutions that are always innovative and diversified, suitable for many types of media including leather, imitation leather, fabric, paper and cardboard, plastics and glass. Application methods can differ according to sector and material: lamination, hot and cold foil stamping, digital printing, personalised and non-personalised transfers, and silk foil.


The already extensive colour ranges available are constantly evolving based on fashion and market trends. There are also many effects that can be created with Oropress foils: from traditional laminate to powder, mirror, and varnish effects. Laser-effect foils without shim lines are also available for seamless prints and reflective films.

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