Metal accessories, components and galvanic solutions

  • Production of high fashion accessories  for luxury brands

  • Chains manufacturer and accessories in gold, silver, brass, bronze and zamak

  • Production of decorative chains for leather goods, costume jewellery and apparel

  • Soldering of small metal parts and creation of accessories for leather sector

  • High end jewellery

  • Production of turned articles and small metal parts

  • Metal accessories for clothing, leather goods and footwear

  • Bijoux

  • Small metal parts for fashion industry

  • Design and application of personalized accessories to leather and fabrics

  • Design and production of buttons

  • Artistic galvanic treatments for fashion accessories

  • Painting and enamelling for fashion accessories

  • Galvanic finishes

  • Zippers, threads, magnetic snaps, edge paint

  • Natural and syntetic stone accessories

  • Fashion components

  • Hand wrapped buttons, studs and rivets, mechanical covering of buckles and buttons

  • Semifinished products in leather and synthetics

  • Production of buckles, clasps and trimmings for footwear

    Produzione di rivetti e occhielli - Rivets and eyelets production

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