Decò Style: innovative, environmentally friendly processes




«We have been working for six months on a new project which concerns the PVD (Physical vapor deposition) process, basically a (non-chemical) deposition technique on the surfaces of metals for accessories». This is how Emiliano Bindi, owner of Decò Style sSrl, talks about the latest innovations that the company is bringing forward.

«As far as the processing of materials such as brass and zamak is concerned, a galvanic process is currently used – he continues -. To avoid this we are trying to go directly with the PVD process on these surfaces. The biggest challenge is creating a substrate that adheres to these materials. However, we hope to succeed because such a result would revolutionize the entire accessories supply chain, eliminating the galvanic step which has a polluting impact on the environment. PVD, on the other hand, only has hot air as waste, therefore pathogens and pollutants are excluded. A great advantage from a green perspective. But not only that: with this process there would be more speed in production, because the pre-galvanic process is skipped, but also a reduction in production costs."

Decò Style, in Reggello (Fi) in Pian di Rona 129/F, was born in 1979 by Alvaro Bindi, a craftsman with decades of experience in the painting and carpentry sectors. From then to today it has never stopped engaging in research and innovation, as well as environmental sustainability. In fact, it is not the first time that Decò Style has carried out an innovative project.

«To galvanize plastic materials, many companies resort to etching – continues Emiliano Bindi – which involves the use of hexavalent chromium. We, however, have patented a system in which we make the plastic conductive through PVD sputtering, i.e. ready to be galvanized and not just through etching. In this way they completely eliminate hexavalent chromium and nickel from the process. We can also exclude - he concludes - parts not to be galvanized and therefore use less precious material, optimizing costs and materials".

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