“WALK YOUR WAY”: individuality and personality at the heart of the new MICAM campaign




This exhortation is more than just a slogan: it is a message that promotes individuality, authenticity and self-expression through the footwear we wear.

“Walking is a simple and natural action but it is the way we do it that expresses who we are - says Giovanna Ceolini, President of MICAM - Walk Your Way is an invitation to explore your own style, to embrace your individuality and to wear shoes with pride to reach your goals step by step. MICAM represents an entire universe of styles made up of quality footwear that bring with them a value system, consisting of attention to the person. There are no rules to follow when it comes to shoes. Everyone is encouraged to be guided by their own passions and to wear the model that makes them feel most at ease in any situation".
The campaign, produced by MM Company and Laureri Associates, under the art direction of Barbieri Magalini, involved director Marco Gradara and street-photographer Federico Ghiani. The fashion film and campaign images express a dynamic and contemporary look & feel, also thanks to the fine looks selected by stylist Nicola Pantano from the collections of some of the most promising talents on the contemporary fashion scene: Alessandro Gilles, Antonio Corposanto, Arthur Arbesser, Ballantyne , Cavia, Claire, Dans les Rues, Francesca Bellavita, Funghi, Gentile, Haus Of Honey, Junk, Les Filles D'Eva, Mirial, Monte Sharp, Ni-do, Object Particular, OGR, Panchic, Pomandère, Weili Zheng.

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