.BE YOUR FABRIC: The new contest dedicated to clothing has begun!



The collaboration between Leather&Luxury and Polimoda students continues and strengthens. We at L&L prefer to call them the designers of tomorrow, and that is also why we continue to create projects and invest in the institutes and the territory, so that the collaboration between all these parties, designers - fashion production chain - institutes and us, is increasingly stimulating and constructive.


The month of October saw the birth of a new project called .BE YOUR FABRIC, designed by Leather&Luxury and Bellandi Spa for Polimoda students and involves the possibility of making a garment such as a dress, outerwear, jacket of one's own brand.


Bellandi spa, is a textile company founded in 1961 in Prato by Paolo Bellandi and over the years has successfully established itself on the Italian and international markets being recognized worldwide for its production of high-quality woolen fabrics used by numerous fashion brands.
The project is aimed at final year Fashion Design management students, thus close to graduation and the fashion show in June. The goal of the project is, on the one hand, to stimulate the burgeoning creativity of the younger generation and, on the other hand, to support future designers in the production processes up to the execution of the prototype, which will be carried out by them.
During the design phase, students will have to take into account certain criteria of fundamental importance, such as feasibility, design, innovation and functionality, brand identity and values, and final product execution.
The quality of the materials and workmanship, will be extremely high and guaranteed by the partnership with Leather&Luxury and the network of companies with which it collaborates to supply decorations, metal and other material accessories, chains, embroidery and intermediate workmanship.



Of these, participating in the project are:
NUOVA PIEGAVELOX - embroidery factory
CDC - production of ornamental chains 
LAMPO - production of zippers and fasteners 
LARTIGIANABOTTONI - production of resin accessories and handcrafted decorations
MOST - intermediate processing such as high frequency, digital prints and laminations to name a few
CIM ITALY - production and application of studs and rhinestones 

So how is the .BE YOUR FABRIC project characterized?


Each student will have one month, during which they will have to design their own capsule consisting of about 12 garments, which they will present to a technical jury in November. The jury will have the difficult task of selecting five finalist designs according to the criteria we mentioned earlier.


The finalist designers will have the opportunity to develop their prototypes using Bellandi Spa fabrics and the collaboration of partner companies.
The final event to be held at the end of January at the headquarters of the Polimoda Institute, will present the garments made by designers and here a new jury composed of an online survey that will be launched on the social channels of Leather&Luxury and Bellandi Spa, and physical jury in attendance, will determine the winning project that in addition to being able to display their garment in the showroom of Bellandi Spa, will be able to do so at trade fairs in the Bellandi booth.
The winning student will also have the opportunity to do an internship at Bellandi Spa.


And now, we would like to say, Make way for the young people and may the best project win!





  • October  10th
    Project start date.


  • October 12th - October 20th
    Workshop at Polimoda with project partner companies to select materials and processing.


  • November 20th
    Presentation of student capsules to project partners and professors. 


  • November - January
    Realization of prototypes with the support of partners.


  • End of January
    Delivery of the projects and subsequent selection by the jury - consisting of representatives of Bellandi Spa, Leather&Luxury, Polimoda, partners, journalists, buyers - and the online jury. 


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