The future of jewelry on exhibition

The second edition of the "widespread" event in the city saw a very strong international presence and dozens of locations involved, bolstered by the presence of more than 750 exhibitors and more than 150 events scheduled. From Porta Venezia to Brera, from the Duomo to the 5 Streets, passing through Montenapoleone and the entire Fashion Quadrilateral, an evocative itinerary of exhibitions, talks, award ceremonies and special initiatives unfolded through thematic routes and involved high jewelry ateliers, schools and workshops of goldsmith's art, fashion boutiques and design showrooms with the aim of letting insiders and enthusiasts discover all the facets of such a fascinating and at the same time unknown world. The conception of Milano Jewelry Week by Prodes Italia has precisely the intent to enhance and celebrate the cultural and artistic value, but also to develop synergies and business, attracting an international audience. 



Renee Hope


As for projects in the area of sustainability, designer Renee Hope uses upcycled, hot melted plastic to create new shapes with a willingness to challenge the traditional notion of "precious."




Xinyi Wang


Xinyi Wang, on the other hand, created a jewel wearable made of recovered microplastics to draw attention to the dangerous increase of them in our bodies.







Bitacora creatively reuses materials destined for the landfill, transforming them into new jewelry through an ongoing process of research and design.

Also very interesting in this edition is the focus on material mixtures not typically usual in jewelry, among which we find Yinan Mao's use of fabric mixed with metal, Nuohan Jiang's reclaimed silicone, cement and film film, and the colorful leather cuttings and other waste materials derived from handbag production in Natasha Kerimova's Ten Cloudy project.


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