Sortec, innovation for improvement





The Sortec company, a supplier to luxury brands since 1954, specialises in the production of high-quality leather bags and knapsacks for men and women.


Experience, attention to the smallest details, and selected raw materials, accompanied by specialised labour are the ingredients that bring its bags to life: unique articles, which are the result of the embrace between the finest Neapolitan leather goods tradition and innovation applied to the production process.


The philosophy that owner Claudio Santoro pours into the company is to always strive to improve. This is why, since June, the company has moved to a new production plant of 3000 square metres, designed according to state-of-the-art techniques. Furthermore, in order to make production more efficient, the Sortec company has invested in process optimisation and Time and Methods. The result is a reduction in production lead times and a progressive improvement in product quality. All this without forgetting the protection and preservation of the environment, guaranteed by the main system certifications.

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