An overview of Brazilian Leather exports in 2022

The exports of hides and skins presented by SECEX (Foreign Trade Secretariat) of the Ministry of Economy of Brazil and analyzed by the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB), referring to the month of September 2022, registered the value of US$ 106.9 million, which means a reduction of 13.1% compared to the same month last year, when US$ 122.9 million were exported, but an increase of 1.5% over the previous month. As for the total exported in square meters, 13.0 million were shipped in September, 3.0% below the same month in 2021, but 4.8% above July, when the total was 12.4 million sqm.



Accumulated exports in the first three quarters ended with a total of US$ 965.2 million, a decrease of 7.6% compared to the same period in 2021, and 18.8% lower in traded area, with 108.1 sqm.

The figures of Brazilian leather have followed the global market trends, while directing efforts towards commercial promotion, professional qualification and sustainability. For the CICB, sustainability is an issue of capital importance that´s directly related to the future of the industry. CICB supports the Brazilian Leather Sustainability Certification (CSCB), which recognizes businesses with the best practices in the pillars of environment, economy, and society. Along with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), CICB develops the Brazilian Leather project, intended to encourage the leather exports.

It is important to mention that the Brazilian leather industry is closely connected to two important features in Brazilian society: its culture and economy. Culture because of the tradition carried within the leather production chain- as in the history of its companies and the thousands of families that built the industry. Economy for its relevance in terms of figures- significantly impacting the country’s exportation, the domestic hide market and other related industries, and additionally the number of direct and indirect jobs it generates. Brazil has 244 tanneries – including some of the largest and most advanced companies in terms of productive capacity, technical and sustainable standards.  These tanneries generate 30 thousand direct jobs and produce 40 million hides every year.


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