LEM srl and X-Plating srl: A merger come true.




Lem Srl, a reference company for galvanic treatments in the high fashion sector, announces the merger by incorporation of X-Plating srl into Lem Srl, both companies controlled by the parent company LEM INDUSTRIES Spa.


The merger by incorporation, which will take effect as of 01/01/2023, is part of the broader process of corporate redefinition of the group headed by LEM INDUSTRIES S.p.A. aimed at simplifying its structure and better exploiting its commercial, operational, administrative and corporate synergies. In fact, the merger will make it possible to complete the concentration under Lem srl of the activities previously carried out through X-Plating srl, allowing not only a rationalization and optimization of decision-making levels, resource management and structural costs, but also an elimination of corporate, accounting, tax and administrative duplications and overlaps. Lem srl, after the merger becomes the sole specialized partner for all galvanic finishing solutions, PVD Technology System and Paint - with another Group company. Through a single variable configuration platform, in Lem srl now the customer will have access to all possible processes, all operational and production data, traceability codes and standard levels in real time - using connected and synchronized services.


In this way Lem srl ensures full control of activities, minimizing all management time and enhancing profit in all jobs. Lem srl, ensures a truly traceable, sustainable and circular supply chain every day, working towards the realization of the Agenda 2030 goals.

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