FIXEKÓ 836 TX: High-performance anti-yellowing water-based adhesive


MASTEK, a leading company in the production and sale of adhesives for the leather goods and footwear sectors, has formulated FIXEKÓ 836 TX, an eco-friendly water-based adhesive to be applied with spray systems, characterized by very high tear strength and aging resistance performance.

A high-tech product that can also be applied "cold" and responds to today's needs: to ensure high sealing and anti-yellowing performance on synthetic materials that are difficult to bond with common adhesives on the market.

Because of its anti-yellowing characteristics, FIXEKÓ 836 TX can be used on light-colored materials without any fear that they will yellow over time.

It is ideal for laminating and folding natural and synthetic leather, lightly greased leathers, fabrics, linings, cartons, regenerated, as well as synthetic materials such as nylon, extruded materials (talin) and moiré (viscose).

In addition, it allows the lamination of leathers with fabrics, moltoprene or foam rubber and can also be applied on one side (the less absorbent side).


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