Dealer and developer of 3D modelling software by Syscam




The Florentine Syscam company’s latest technological innovation is Visi Reverse, a solution designed for fashion accessory manufacturers, combining the manual flair of model makers with CAD to produce increasingly more creative and accurate models.


VISI Reverse, combines hybrid CAD modelling with the 3D pattern processing scanning capability. This makes it easy to create fully compatible and editable solid models from scanned data and integrating this data into the mould and die design. With VISI Reverse any new project can start from a tangible object: the ability to design and customise parts that are perfectly reconstructed from the original model. Recreating damaged or worn parts or designing new versions of the model are just some of the many applications of this new VISI module. The Mesh are captured via scanning with extremely flexible measuring arms such as the Hexagon Absolute Arm and converted into fully modifiable surfaces or a hybrid model. 

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