The RELIEFIN revolution by David Leather Expressions




It is neither heat embossing nor an “imprint” obtained by pressure. No heat or high frequency to guarantee the classic “doming effect”. Everything is carried out on finished leathers of every type, where it is possible to obtain a relief pattern that will not modify the “feel”, the suppleness of the product. This is the revolution of the RELIEFIN system, the leather embossing technique devised and patented by the David Leather Expression director Paolo Quirici. An innovative technique that, for the first time designs leather without acting “by subtraction”, as happens with heat-plate embossing and high-frequency printing. 


«It's a new system, with a wide-ranging application - Paolo Quirici emphasises - such as on soft garments, but also on leather for footwear, leather goods, and furnishings. Of course, provided that the leather has a thickness of at least 0.7 millimetres, but with no limit in height.  Without forgetting the great advantages for the automotive industry, because the design will no longer be subject to wear and tear on the seat».

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