The art of giving shape to client ideas by combining technological innovation, aesthetic beauty, and functionality by FLORENRADICA



Founded in 2014 thanks to the Baratti family's decades of experience in woodworking, the Florenradica company combines the “know-how” of the best artisan tradition with the aesthetic and functional possibilities of new technologies. This union translates into the creation of a wide range of accessories for high fashion and luxury brands (buttons, belt buckles, bags, costume jewellery) made of wood or resin with CNC milling machines - the company has FSC and PEFC certification for wood - or obtained with 3D printers (PLA, nylon, multicolour photopolymers), choosing the solution best suited to the client’s needs each time.





The finishing phase allows the object to be further customised with hand painting, varnishing, gold leaf application, and lasering. To support clients in the realisation of their ideas, the Florenradica company has invented “quadronna”, a shape designed specifically to offer a creative spark to designers and guide them in the choice of both the aesthetic and technical-functional aspects of the product.

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