Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: Not just a blend but a true sustainability project



Mixcycling aims to lead the transition from fossil-based materials to a fully bio-based future by ennobling organic waste, based on the requirements of the European 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tests are carried out on all blends obtained; a type of analysis that allows us to measure the environmental impact associated with the various "life stages" of a product .


All Mixcycling products are biocomposites consisting of a carrier and a percentage of natural fiber ( from 10 to 70 percent ) that are suitable for use in various fields : furniture, packaging, automotive, clothing and accessories, etc.


Among the projects followed, of particular relevance are: the one concerning rice husk, a protective husk of the grain, destined to be discarded during the first stages of grain processing; the one concerning 100 % Made in Italy bamboo produced by Forever Bambù; Sughera, deriving from the industrial supply chain of caps; the one that reuses pomace, Bio Vinum, whose cellulose is used in the production of packaging materials; the one that uses miscanthus, a perennial plant among whose ecological virtues stands out an extraordinary ability to take up carbon dioxide, and so on. Mixcycling is thus a rich incubator of constantly evolving projects to be kept constantly monitored. 

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