STUDIO AURIGA - Supplier of machinery and services for embroidery and industrial decoration





The Tajima PAX machinery is the story of a bestseller.  It was created thanks to the close collaboration between the market leader Tajima, a Japanese manufacturer, and Studio Auriga, an Italian company, because - as Silvia Sirotich, Marketing & Communication Manager of the Solaro (MI) based company, tells us,


“We are not just the exclusive distributors for Europe, but veritable partners to Tajima. The technology was created and perfected also thanks to our suggestions and the needs put forward by our clients.”


The result? An innovative all-in-one multifunctional machine that can carry out drilling, stitching, and embroidery operations on leather, synthetic materials, and quilting, and that has opened up new scenarios in the field of processing and decoration. In fact, the Tajima PAX machinery has the characteristic of being able to work with two synchronised heads, thanks to a sophisticated software: a punching machine capable of cutting and punching any type of material with very high precision, and a sturdy embroidery head that, together, enable the execution of various processes on the same system. In addition, the possibility of using up to nine different colours and types of threads, even thick ones, and up to nine punches for punching in different sizes and shapes simultaneously consents to the creation of truly impressive graphic effects. The ideal fields of application concern the entire world of fashion and leather goods, automotive, nautical, interior design.