"Production Planning 4.0" by PrincipIA Tech




Good first one, 


PrincipIA Tech's event at MITA LAB's Green Class headquarters has concluded. 


PrincipIA Tech is a company with a strong technological vocation and high knowledge of the footwear and leather goods sectors and the processes that govern them. Thanks to the partners' 30 years of experience in these sectors, the Montecalvoli (PI)-based company has created a suite of solutions to ferry footwear and leather goods companies to what is the new 4.0 scenario.


Guests such as Andrea Calistri Vicepresidente di Assopellettieri and Marco Sani Socio della holding Minerva Hubattended, speaking at the event "Production Planning 4.0" on July 19, 2022. LEO FRANCE, BALDININI, PELLETTERIA GT, PELLETTERIE GIANCARLO and other industry leaders participated. 


With PrincipIA Tech, the theme of lead time was explored, navigating the new product suite that the company illustrated, highlighting technological innovation, new logics that determine a generational leap in the world of software, integrated into the new scenarios of the fourth industrial revolution.


An Engine called "AGATHA" will be our future AVATAR, the new virtual manager who will work alongside corporate management.


Click here to download the brochure detailing the features of the software.




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