Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium: these are the "Magic 5," the five metals that are the spokespersons for an ethical choice rooted in Legor's DNA, adhering to the production requirements of the circular economy and the increasingly relevant demands of the consumers of the future.


That is to say, all of Legor's alloys, powders and galvanic solutions are made exclusively from precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium) that are 100 percent sourced from recycled sources and placed within the chain of custody. The journey of discovery of sustainable precious metals proposed by Legor comes to its last stop: gold. Specifically, we are talking about FLASHGOLD-EVO, the new sustainable flash gold plating production process. An innovative method that preserves the health and safety of the electroplating operator without forgetting the resulting lower environmental impact


FLASHGOLD-EVO has been designed and developed specifically for decorative purposes and gives the possibility of formulating, through the use of completely cyanide-free alloying metals and avoiding the use of toxic elements such as nickel and cobalt, gilding baths with customizable colorations from the lightest shades of yellow to the most intense pink still strongly present in most commercial gildings. When used without other alloying metals, FLASHGOLD-EVO enables the deposit of a color very similar to that of pure gold. Legor's R&D team assists customers in identifying the specific shade of gilding desired, while keeping the process easy to control and manage with a system of ready-to-use replenishers. 



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