The endless luxury possibilities of 3D




Recently presented during Milan Design Week in collaboration with Dyloan and D-house in Milan, the new "SSYS 2Y22 Reflection" collection by Stratasys - a leading company in polymer-based 3D printing solutions - expresses to the fullest the versatility and customization of 3D aimed at sectors such as fashion and design. 


Not only garments but also high-end, premium bags, accessories and footwear: this technology was created with the aim of offering designers and brands the possibility of expanding production methodologies thanks to the Stratasys 3DFashion™ solution, which allows endless customizations and extremely specific requirements, all while reducing production and marketing time. The J850 TechStyle™, the latest PolyJet™ 3D printer, is designed to 3D print directly onto a wide variety of fabrics-including denim, cotton, polyester, linen and leather-in volumes ranging from single pieces to tens of thousands of units, with nearly unlimited color possibilities. 


"The Reflection collection clearly expresses the impact of the global changes of the past two years through innovative designs," said Naomi Kaempfer, Art, Design and Fashion Director at Stratasys. "We wanted to focus it on three main themes: personal space, social inclusion and conscious production. The goal is to create beautiful, comfortable clothing and accessories that will last, to be worn in all seasons, while reducing waste and respecting the planet."


With smart, interconnected 3D printers, polymeric materials, a software ecosystem and on-demand parts, Stratasys solutions offer benefits and potential at every stage of the product value chain and enable new levels of creativity previously only imaginable.

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