A long history of sustainability by LAMPO



While sustainability has been on everyone's lips in recent years, in the company LAMPO by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.P.A it is a founding pillar and has given way, not only to a long-perspective industrial strategy and hyper-specialized resources, but also to a valorization of waste material before the concept of upcycling even existed.


The very name "lampo" in Italy comes from the name of this company, founded in 1887 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio by Giovanni Lanfranchi. From spinning mill to button factory to postwar production of zipper fasteners-thanks to the acumen of securing exclusive rights for Italy to a German company's patent-the company's success is remarkable and international.  The long-term strategy based on the circular economy and energy transition represent the two foundations of the company's business plan from which concrete actions propagate. The company's foresight involves having realized that material reuse & recycling also positively fall back on the territory and the supply chain. In this virtuous process, the nylon used for die-cast Lampo fasteners is recycled directly, while shearing scraps become new alloys, all zamak processing scraps (sprues) are resold to specialized suppliers who repurpose them of the lost minerals, thus enabling their reuse at Lampo. Recovery and recycling by third-party companies takes place with both brass and metal scraps and weaving scraps that are given to weavers for them to use the fibers to make rags and dishcloths.





The thermometer through which all customers and stakeholders can measure the brand's commitment is definitely the international compliance certifications: to date present, OEKO-TEX CLASS I STANDARD 100 (since 2002), DETOX COMMITMENT by GREENPEACE (since 2015), ISO14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 (on the electroplating plant), TF - Traceability & Fashion. Most recently, LAMPO supported the first certification audit for the STANDARD Textile Exchange GRS V4.0 to obtain full certification.

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