Milano Unica is done "seasonless"



The most important international showcase for high-end textiles and accessories will take place from July 12 to 14 at Rho Fiera Milano. In an extremely contemporary and "global" move, this edition of Milano Unica starts from an innovative seasonless concept. A move beyond the usual succession of seasons to embrace a broader and more multifaceted vision through a journey along the rich supply chain of Italian and international manufacturing.


In an increasingly vast and borderless market, inspirations intertwine, stimuli multiply and needs specialize, giving rise to a constant search for new solutions capable of pleasing consumers of all latitudes. "It is not difficult to grasp how especially the new generations are untethered from the concept of winter pants, summer jacket and mid-season overcoat," comments in this regard Stefano Fadda, artistic director of Milano Unica, "and the t-shirt, for example, has become the symbolic piece of seasonless clothing. Accomplice to climate change and thanks to the vastness of the markets, overcoming seasonality becomes a key to understanding concrete needs on a global level."
Milano Unica thus embarks on a path of excellence among fabrics and accessories perfect for inspiring new creative mixes by declining proposals through three trends: Seasonless Opulence, Seasonless Nature and Seasonless Flexibility. If the first trend is expressed through thick, rich, ornate fabrics as well as jewelry accessories also with a folk flavor, the second tells of the current drive to reconnect with nature, with abstract plant motifs that also inform buttons and fastenings. The third theme embodies, through comfortable, urbanwear style, the fluidity between different worlds, the virtual and the real, life in the city and outdoors. In accessories, technical closures borrowed from sports are in the foreground.