Chi Ri-Cerca Trova: Phillacolor

New appointment with the Leather&Luxury column, a journey in search of innovative materials, techniques and processes, undertaken with the designer Bettina Grampa.

The company founded by Laura Cortinovis and Francesca Perinetti has started a real renewal of the world of natural dyeing by putting sustainability first but aiming at the industrialization of the product with reduced use of water.

Phillacolor natural dyes are composed of water from the aqueducts of the Valle d'Aosta and raw materials of plant origin: leaves, flowers, bark, roots, berries and spices; non-protected species of the territory (whose cycle has no significant ecological impact) and plants of the dyeing tradition found by suppliers with certified supply chain.


These pigments also have multiple properties: anti-mold, anti-moth, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-viral; they are considered ecological as they are obtained from renewable resources compared to synthetic dyes.

The wide palette of colors, more than 30, allows for their use not only in cold and hot dyeing, but also in screen printing.
Phillacolor can therefore be considered a valid alternative and parallel solution to chemical printing and dyeing, which is increasingly following its own path towards greater environmental compatibility.


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