#SYNERGYFORLEATHERGOODS, eco-sustainable problem solving for leather goods



"Synergy for leathergoods" is a project conceived and wanted by Del Vecchia Group with the aim of creating a single energetic mission focused on solving production problems that affect the leather industry. The partners of the initiative, Del Vecchia Group, JUKI Italy SPA, A&E Gütermann, Groz-Beckert, Par-Tec SpA, Mastek, GIARDINI GROUP Leather Edge Paint, Easysystem - Software and Hardware Solutions, will give life to a technical meeting on 13 and 14 May 2022 in the strategic heart of the production center of Scandicci, under the banner of #synergy.


This will be the keyword of the event together with #quality, #solution and #innovation. The process method of the partner companies of "Synergy for leathergoods" aims to improve the efficiency of production, touching the various phases of construction of a leathergoods item, with an eye also to the theme of #sustainability. The main objective of the project: to find solutions without renouncing to the Made in Italy quality and to improve the efficiency of the production in all the sectors of competence of the companies. 

Here is the program of the meeting:

- Friday, May 13 at the AUDITORIUM CENTER ROGERS

- Saturday, May 14 in the headquarters of the Laboratories of ITS MITA


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