Fixekò 889: goodbye to the criticality of double-sided tape

An innovative product that will replace the double-sided adhesive, especially in leather goods. Its name is Fixekò 889 and it was born from the experience of Mastek, a leading company in the chemical sector in the production and sale of glues for various industrial sectors that has made eco-sustainability its own, within a wider system of research into the quality of products and processes.

This is a product that aims to remedy the problem of yellowing caused by some double-sided adhesives and their high cost. The internal research laboratories of Mastek have responded to this problem by developing Fixekò 889, a "water-based" adhesive that can be used for the lamination and folding of natural and synthetic leather, lightly greased leather, fabrics, linings, cardboard, regenerated, but also synthetic materials such as PVC, EVA, nylon, moiré. The adhesive can be applied on one side only, the less absorbent one. It is also possible to laminate leathers with fabrics, moltoprene or foam rubber.       





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